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Esports is not an's a a community and lifestyle made up of people passionate about the competitive side of gaming and loyal to its culture.

I fell in love with video games in 1978 with my Atari for Home TV console with Pong.  And every year since have grown a passion for them.  Now with the evolving world of esports it was time to put action behind that passion.

So, in 2018 I decided to create Delta V Esports (DVE) with the focus of developing skills in the gaming community that can become income and career opportunities.

Nothing we do in our love for esports and development is conventional.  We base everything on the needs of the community and each of you that make up that community.  If it doesn't benefit the community...we don't do it.

Let's reap the benefits of the exploding opportunities together...our way.



A gamer since 1978 Rob Davis is the founder of DVE and international advocate for the advancement of esports and it's community.



Jeremy Mills as a semi-pro Overwatch coach and team manager brings deep understanding of the needs specific to competitive gaming.



Ashton Reed a gifted FPS player is also a League of Legends strategist and coach.